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16:20 UK time, Monday, 20 October 2008

"We've resorted to buying cheaper teabags and coffee because the situation is that difficult." How about cutting out coffee altogether and then get the more expensive tea bags?
Edd S, Cardiff

Am I just getting old, or do top economic forecasters look almost as young as policemen these days?
Adam, London, UK

Bob (Friday letters), who wants a graph of stock exchange performance which goes back several years, I have one and it shows that even on Black Friday the FTSE never quite dropped to the level it did in 2003 following the tech bubble burst. For that matter, before the recent fall it had never quite hit the high that it did in 2001 at the peak of that bubble. Two facts that have not been mentioned enough recently. I remember 2003 - it didn't seem all that bad at the time, did it?
Tom, London

Having scored a perfect score on both the imperial and metric quizzes can I safely conclude that I'm young enough to know I'm so old that I can remember?
Roarshock, Oregon, US

Well, I got five out of five for both halves too, so I'm old enough to remember and young enough to know. One thing I do know very well is that imperial measures are very, very silly, and if we were to start from scratch we wouldn't for a minute dream up a system where 16 oz = 1lb and 14lb = 1st. Metric martyrs? Severely deluded if you ask me.
John Knight, Beverley, UK

I'm not sure whether it's a good thing or not that I only got about three of your privacy-protected celebrity euphemisms (Paper Monitor). I'm in an optimistic mood and I'll go with it showing me to be not creepy enough to know these things about people I don't know, rather than the alternative, which is that I am too self-obsessed/oblivious to know these things about people I don't know.
Louise, Surrey

No, no, Kat (Friday letters). According to Google Earth, Heaven is at Thorpe Bank, Little Steeping, Spilsby PE23, UK.
Mark, Reading, UK

A wonderful example of nominative determinism in the name of the lawyer in Postman caught in stolen G-string.
Timothy, Leeds

Can I second Sue in London's support of the simple but effective "pewdle" caption competition entry (Friday letters). However I must admit the "dogging" entry made me chuckle the most, although I can fully understand why it wasn't chosen.
Mark, Portsmouth

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