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16:18 UK time, Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Re Simon (Tuesday letters), it may be a case of inconvenient timing - if Peggy had her birthday between 30th September and 3rd October then both stories check out. I hope you've sent a card.
James O, Oxford

Monitor Note: Thanks for the huge interest in Peggy's birthday.

Postman Pat (Tuesday letters) is obviously a drug dealer and Mrs Goggins is the wholesaler. I suspected this years ago, and wondered whether Clint Eastwood would ever utter, "Make my day, Goggins!" And while we're about it, what exactly did Mary, Mungo and Midge live on? Were they the importers, maybe? The music boat in The Clangers must have had a few secret compartments! Did you ever see a customs inspector, hmmm?
Nigel Macarthur, London, England

Actually, Daniel Evans (Tuesday letters), one of the tunnel boring machines was, for some time, readily visible from the M20, where it sat near the (now closed) Channel Tunnel visitor centre in Cheriton. I'm not sure whether it was French or British, but as it had a 'For Sale' sign around its drill point, rather than an 'en vente' sign, I would suggest that it was a British one. Now, that was boring...
Sara, London

Oh my God, the poor Channel Tunnel boring machines were forced to dig their own graves (Tuesdays letters). I'm sure employment law would have something to say about that. Anyway, why didn't they just bore their way up to the surface and escape?....(thinking)....duh!
Jane, Northampton, uk

So, unlike those boring machines, the word 'Chunnel' has resurfaced. That got me thinking ; nobody seems to be 'bonking' any more these days. What would it take for that expression to sweep the country again ? If it does, and I get the blame, I'm emigrating ! Oh, I already have......
Graham, Purmerend, Netherlands

David Richerby, (Tuesday letters), given the Belgium theme to your Monitor letter on Tuesday, I assume that the coat with which you left was a duffel coat?
Grumpyoneuk, Ilford

Regarding the news story about the new film Blind , since when have British people referred to opticians as eye doctors? Is this yet another example of the BBC adopting American and generally "dumbing down" the English language?
Tom, Cambridge

If the credit crunch is going to force me to eat turnips then I'm off. Don't care where, sun or rain will do just as long as the turnips are a long way away.
Nick Morton, Camborne, Cornwall

I see that according to The Sun there will be a baby boom as the credit crunch is forcing people to entertain themselves at home... presumably these people can no longer afford to walk/drive to their nearest doctor/family planning clinic given that most contraceptives are free from them!
Lucy, Maidstone, Kent

I know the credit crunch is biting deep but ouch - a pound really doesn't go as far as it used to does it!
Phil, Angus, Scotland

Hurrah for the return of Crunch Creep. I was afraid that it had itself been a victim of the credit crunch and had been "redeployed to the talent pool"...
Darren McCormac, London

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