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13:12 UK time, Thursday, 30 October 2008

A service highlighting the riches of the daily press.

Paper Monitor doesn't want to appear uncharitable. But it's impossible to let this one go without comment.

The headline on the front of the Guardian's G2 is "SPOOKY! Is the presidential campaign just following a script from The West Wing?"

It's Jonathan Freedland writing about the similarity between the Obama-McCain battle and the fictional battle between Matthew Santos (a charismatic non-white 40-something Democrat) and Arnold Vinick (mavarick war vet turned Republican senator).

Paper Monitor has to reply it is indeed spooky. It is spooky how the Guardian can run this a month-and-a-half after Freedland's programme on the same subject went out on the BBC and this accompanying piece was done for the Magazine.

Over in the Sun there's another outing for the Son of Bullingdon photo which shows a comically-fringed young George Osborne wielding a shotgun with a group of friends. Kelvin MacKenzie is not happy. He's so unhappy he even says something nice about Gordon Brown.

But while he is ridiculing the notion that Osborne is a man of the people, he does come up with a new coinage - the Osbo.

Will it catch on?

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