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13:14 UK time, Wednesday, 29 October 2008

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Social mores change. This much even Paper Monitor knows.

But it's amazing how quickly some things can change. Take smoking. Even 10 years ago if a star was snapped smoking it wouldn't have been a big deal. Now it's on a par with mistreating a kitten or public urination.

Take today's Daily Mirror. The 3am page has a big snap of Amelle Berrabah from the Sugababes. "[She] looks so sweet and ladylike - if you can imagine away that half-smoked ciggie... when Amelle got caught sneaking a fag break her demure image went, er, up in smoke."

And it's much the same over in the Sun. The front page of their tvbiz section is headlined "Mind your Lunghs" and it features veteran actress and Strict Come Dancing contestant Cherie Lunghi (geddit?), shock horror, having a cigarette.

There's a Son of Bullingdon moment in the Daily Mail. Page three has a photo of seven young gentlemen carrying shotguns. The one on the right has an extraordinary Hokusai wave (hat tip to Philip French) of foppish fringe and appears to be wearing plus fours. He is George Osborne.

One wonders whether there is a dedicated Bullingdon photo suppression unit at Conservative Central Office. It clearly needs more staff.

And all the Bond hoopla continues with the cabal of dyed blonde-haired columnists of a certain age, quantifying how much solace Daniel Craig could give them.

In the Mail, Allison Pearson swoons at the "brutally appealing" actor and rues the fact that in his latest flick, "not once does he take off his long trousers".

In the Sun, Jane Moore reveals "whenever I see him I have very bad thoughts indeed".

Paper Monitor feels just a little queasy.

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