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Paper Monitor

13:00 UK time, Tuesday, 21 October 2008

A service highlighting the riches of the daily press.

As the credit crunch/financial crisis continues, the newspapers continue their battle of the business coverage. Today sees the Daily Mail and the Sun going head to head under the banner of fighting for small businesses. So in "Fair deal for small firms" v "BBB: The Sun backs British business", who wins so far?

Coincidentally, the two almost mirror each in a number of ways - front page splashes, double page spreads and words of endorsement from David Cameron. But if Paper Monitor had to, really had to, come up with a winner, it would be have to be the Sun's wot won it.

Having the support of Sir Alan (does anyone actually use his surname anymore?) Sugar is a winning blow. How the Mail must be kicking itself that it didn't bag the Apprentice star for itself.

Mimicking that infamous 1914 poster of Lord Kitchener above the phrase "Your country needs YOU" with the replacement "British business needs YOU", Sir Alan's also written a lengthy article on the merits of supporting British business. This new alliance is likely to surprise regular paper monitors, knowing The Apprentice's long-held cosy relationship with the Daily Mirror throughout the series' lifetime.

And finally on to a very different kind of cover star. The Mirror's Kerry Katona "exclusive" (apart from being unashamedly taken straight out of the latest issue of Zoo magazine) - "My amazing new body". Gratuitous shots of semi-naked female or genuine news story?

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