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09:27 UK time, Wednesday, 8 October 2008

A service highlighting the riches of the daily press.

There's only one story in town and it's of huge significance to the nation.

British taxpayers are forking out for people who threaten the future of this great country.

Benefit mums.

The rest of Fleet Street might be side-tracked with some trivial banking story, but the Sun has its sights set on the real issue - that a mum of seven is being paid so much by the welfare state that she can live in a £1.2 million "mansion". It must be said that it's a not uninteresting tale - that Ealing Council is paying twice the market rate on the property because the area has been bracketed with Westminster for rent guideline purposes.

But the only hint of the bank bail-out/rescue is a tiny panel in the top-left of the Sun's front page.

Then readers have to wade through eight pages of stories far more important than the fact the British public are waking up this morning and wondering whether they are £50bn poorer.

Such weighty news as minister backs X-Factor song, Brangelina kids eat crisps and firebrand cleric weds.

The Sun's rivals with a less attuned news sense turn to the £50bn question on their front pages. And on nearly every other page too (Daily Telegraph - five pages, Times - seven, Guardian - five, Daily Mail - five).

Of course, the Daily Star carries only a coded mention of the bank rescue on the front, revealing that West Ham are suddenly in trouble because of the collapse of an Icelandic bank.

Their readers can probably work it all out anyway.

Meanwhile, Paper Monitor mused yesterday on what type of cereal Credit Crunch might be. Thomas Cogley thought it would "taste fairly boring and go soggy quite quickly", and sent this mock-up of the packet.


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