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15:26 UK time, Wednesday, 24 September 2008

OK, making fake £1 coins is naughty and their first use is deceitful and risks harming the recipient. But once they're in circulation, does it matter? Coins are just metal IOUs, so if people continue to swap them in trust, where's the harm? Eventually they get so worn you can't tell they aren't real. They will have served their function and saved the Mint the manufacturing costs.
Steve, Liverpool

Having used one of my very legitimate pound coins for a shopping trolley yesterday, rather than returning the empty trolley I handed it to a lady in exchange for her pound coin, which turned out to be horribly fake. I fear that "coingate" will ruin basic supermarket courtesy.
Alex Cross, Shifnal, England

So street lights across East Yorkshire "could be switched off at night". As opposed to during the day?
Chris Boote, London

Re Clowns being silenced - how come party conferences have escaped?
Tim, Wales

Re Queen to mark Blue Peter birthday. Will there be a phone-in?
Mike , Newcastle upon Tyne

So the Sun and Mail say Gordon said Britain 38 times and the Guardian say 25 (Wednesday's Paper Monitor). Well the BBC's "word cloud" says 18. It's quite easy to use the "find" feature to count it up, and it's 25. Unless the BBC's transcript is wrong?
Mark Williams, Oxford

In reply to Roy, Abergavenny (Monday's letters) and Greg Ex-Grimsby (Tuesday's letters), "monk ons" were regularly got on in Loughborough, where I grew up. Although "mardy gits" were more common, which is probably what Roy is feeling now after being so smug in thinking he had spotted a Monitor error.
Louise, London

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