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16:29 UK time, Monday, 8 September 2008

Disappointed to see the use of a "headline comma" in place of an "and" on the Also In The News front page today ("Hugging, stroking benefits fractious chimps"). I just can't take them seriously after the classic Onion headline "Area Man Waxes Lyrical, Truck".
Paul T, Manchester

I know fuel prices are rising, but this is a little extreme.
Stuart, Croydon

Am I getting old or have the couple in the photograph in this article gone some way beyond mere "flirting"?
David Richerby, Leeds, UK

Oh no, I hope no goods destined to or from me are onboard. Remember the magazine postcard?
Robin, Herts, UK

The scientists at Cern are onto a winner here - if the LHC doesn't destroy space-time they will be proved right, if it does, it will happen at the speed of light, so there will be no time for them to say sorry.
Dave, Walsall UK

If the world were to end on Wednesday, it will be quite sad and probably typical of Manchester City's luck - all that money and the world ending before they get a chance to win anything.
Omosare Omogbagi, Leeds

Apparently the "Big Bang" occurred when a group of scientists in a previous universe tried out their new particle accelerator. Roll on Wednesday.
Chris, Tokyo, Japan

Is Bill Nighy nigh? And if he's not, could he be prosecuted under the Trades Descriptions Act?
James, Stockport

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