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18:30 UK time, Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Carrier bags. A few years ago, I ordered 51 items from Tesco online shopping and was delivered in 18 bags. I even had a bag for six Oxo cubes. Is this a record?
Helen, UK

Re the quote in Tuesday's Paper Monitor,When did "better" become a synonym for "more colourful", as per the Telegraph today?
H Cartier-Bresson (decd),

Re Chris Ayres comment on Sarah Palin, noted in Paper Monitor. I have heard that the acronym of VPILF has been coined following the announcement of her as McCain's running mate. Of course, it will only be applicable if McCain is successful in November.
PS, Newcastle, England

I can't help thinking that if Michael had spent more time at home being a good parent, rather than galavanting around the world, these things would never have happened.
Simon Robinson, Birmingham, UK

Thundered? Thor would not be impressed, trundled maybe.
Robin , Herts, UK

I used to have sex on the beach every Thursday, but I went off the peach schnapps. Give me a screwdriver and I'm yours!
Angel, Coventry, UK

Johnny (Monday's letters), even more confusingly, it's fewer than 100 pennies but less than 100 pence, because it depends whether you're considering the individual objects or a quantity of money.
Anna, Milton Keynes

Re "Commitment phobes can blame genes", failing to commit can only be described as a genetic flaw if the species becomes extinct because of it. Other than that it is no different from a genetic disposition for blonde hair.
James Hayward, Eindhoven, The Netherlands

Re "MoD to hold bearskin hat meeting", Robbie LeBlanc says "It takes one bear to make a hat". How do they do the stitching with those paws?
Mark, Reading, UK

I feel I should point out that the six checkpoints listed in the article about the 'gang spotter guide' perfectly describe how I was as a teenager in the 90s. I was never in a gang, I just felt the need to experiment.
Michael, Lincoln

Marie Clair of the PEC ("When to use 'fewer' rather than 'less'") seems to have fallen victim to Hartman's Law of Prescriptivist Retaliation: any article or statement about correct grammar, punctuation, or spelling is bound to contain at least one eror (SIC). She says "...spelling and grammar has slipped." They certain has, Marie.
Peter Howard, Cambridge, UK

To Lester Mak (Monday's letters): if you were told to "count up to 10", would you stop at 9?
Ruaraidh Gillies, Wirral, UK

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