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16:28 UK time, Monday, 1 September 2008

If there were fewer people who complained about "less & fewer", then there'd be less chance my blood pressure would be so high thanks to people who moan for the sake of it.
Jordan Dias, London, UK

Please explain the difference between:
£1 or less
100 pennies or fewer
Thank you.
Johnny, York, England

Re: Tesco's sign changes. Am I the only one who isn't sure whether the "Up to 10 items" queue means "Up to and including 10 items" or nine items or fewer/less. I think I'll stick to the voice of the self-service checkout...
Lester Mak, London, UK

I think you've officially given me Crunchwatch syndrome. At the weekend I noticed that Krispy Kreme Doughnuts' special offers now refer to the Kredit Krunch.
Susannah, Northampton

Regarding number five in 10 things - surely most people already knew that words can be very painful? As the poem by Steve Turner says, "Sticks and stones only break your bones, but words can tear your heart out".
Kathryn, London

Rich (Thursday's letters) and the family who "identified the spider using the internet". Presumably it was using the world wide web.
George, London UK

I am highly interested in famous quotes and expressions. Thank you for this offer.
Ando, Cotonou, Benin

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