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Paper Monitor

10:50 UK time, Friday, 12 September 2008

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He hunts tigers. He wrestles bears. And he eats like a supermodel. No wonder the Russian Prime Minister is a figure of some fascination, and not only to himself.

If the only difference between a "hockey mom" and a pit bull is lipstick, then the only difference between Sarah Palin and Vladimir Putin is, er, lipstick.

Three red grapes and a cup of tea. The Times notes this is all Mr Putin ate during a marathon question and answer session with Western academics and journalists at a Black Sea resort.

"Mr Putin is short and wiry, with piercing blue eyes and the physique of somebody who works out and watches his weight."

putin_fishing_ap.jpgNo wonder he is so keen to get his bod out for the cameras, just like a supermodel. Although the Times resists the temptation to reprint those holiday snaps of the Russian leader in his (almost) all-together. Unlike Paper Monitor.

Meanwhile, the Daily Star has little Theo Walcott's girl Melanie Slade on its front page. She's wearing little more than Mr Putin's fishing outfit. Still, she does have her top on.

And this from a lass who so recently said that to be called a Wag was a "real insult", and opted not to watch Theo from the stands in Zagreb as she was getting ready to go to university.

Great to see a young woman who is prepared to get by on her brains, not her looks. Oh, hold on...

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