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Monday's Quote of the Day

09:57 UK time, Monday, 1 September 2008

"A certain amount of hanky-panky was condoned, especially when it was for a good cause" - US journalist Jennet Conant on the wartime activities of author-cum-agent Roald Dahl

Before he became an author loved by millions and known for children's classics like Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Road Dahl was seducing for Britain as part of his undercover mission in the US. As an RAF attache based in Washington, he even complained that some of the high society women left him exhausted.

"Dahl's superiors watched his rake's progress with grudging admiration," writes Conant in The Irregulars, which is published this month. Thankfully, Dahl did find time away from the bedroom to discover his talent for writing. The Gremlins was published in 1943 and promptly sold to Disney.

More details (the Telegraph)

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