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18:24 UK time, Thursday, 21 August 2008

Are you sure you can describe a building as having "panoramic views" when it clearly doesn't have any windows?
Dan, Cambridge

Alan of Ramsey (Wednesday's letters) may like to be reminded of the story of a lady who phoned up the BBC in John Reith's day to complain about the phrase "tits like coconuts", which she had heard on the radio. Reith said that if the lady had been more patient, she would also have learned that robins like worms.
Hamish McGlobbie, Leeds

I would like to nominate the headline Back pain eased by good posture for the Captain Obvious Award.
Mike Harper, Devon, UK

Re misheard song lyrics (MM: you mean mondegreens). In the Frankie Goes To Hollywood song Two Tribes does Holly Johnson really sing "We've got your chives?" I've always wondered.
Mark Faulkner, London

Is it just me or does anyone else think that that the Silly Season story of the once 11-year-old boy being reunited with his message in a bottle a little distressing? The fact that his mother actively encouraged him to litter the seas with plastic bottles, as he does now with his children, is rather irresponsible and surely constitutes a crime. Will someone please provide the man with a link to Chris Jeavens' blog?!
Matt Hardcastle, Newcastle-upon-Tyne

I agree with David from Cheshire that we've had enough of reverse nominative determinism, so I won't point out that Melanie Walker is much better at running and jumping.
Matt Folwell, Cambridge

Is it too much to expect BBC announcers not to use the words "bank holiday" in every second breath. Here in Scotland bank holidays are not general public holidays, only for banks. This Monday is not a Scottish public holiday. It gets really wearing. The BBC is after all a UK organisation and not just English.
Peter Liddell,

Can we rename random stat "phantom stat" please? It keeps mysteriously reappearing at the top of the page, telling us how naive a third of us were nine months ago. Actually, can we rename it "smug git stat"?
Tim, London, UK
MM: Indeed, the Monitor is unnerved by this recurring ghostly apparition.

Anna, (Wednesday's letters) I do remember what the Banana Splits shouted: "Oh Oh Chongo, it's Danger Island!"
Paul Gibson, Cleveland

"Uh-Oh, Bingo! It's Danger Island time." But I also seem to remember Hazzan Kubar, size of an elephant...
Rachel, Geneva

Anna, Northumberland: "O-Oh! Chango! It's Danger Island next!" At least that's what my juvenile ears heard.
Polly S, Lichfield

Anna of Northumberland, it was "Ah-oh, Tongo!"
Alan, Manchester, England

Dear Aine (Wednesday's letters), I'm not surprised you are neither British or Australian. It's called good natured banter and we would be sadly lacking to just ignore it as i'm sure you should of.
Martin Comer, London UK

As an Australian who used to live in the UK, I just wanted to say, congratulations to Britain on a fantastic medal haul. It would be nice if both countries could reflect on the 2008 Olympics and admire how well all the Olympians have done without using the words "sour", "grapes", "gloat" or "crow".
Shrimpy, Elsewhere

I was hoping for so much more.
Steve, Southampton

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