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14:51 UK time, Monday, 11 August 2008

How fascinating to hear that kangaroo meat "tastes excellent, not unlike venison - only a different flavour". Am I missing something, or could pretty much everything else you eat be described as tasting not unlike venison, as long as you allow that the flavour might not be the same?
Adam, London, UK

If your cloak of invisibility blows away, or you lose it, how do you find it again?
Nigel Macarthur, London, England

I thought of the Monitor this weekend when I saw a drive-in diner advertising the Credit Crunch Brunch. (At £5, I'm thinking the customers are the ones feeling the crunch.)
Susannah, Northampton

I think "Credit Crunch Bites" could catch a starter obviously. "Slump Steak" as a main course, and "No-profit-eroles" for dessert.
Doug B, Caerphilly, Wales

As your recent piece listing particularly acerbic criticisms didn't mention AA Gill I am forced to criticise it, even though I know where that will lead. Apologies.

Mike, London

Here is not only a fine display of the modern and liberal attitudes that can still prevail in my hometown, but also a reasonable example of nominative determinism (if my patronymic pronunciation hasn't gone south just as I did).
Jamie Wright, Brixton, UK

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