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15:42 UK time, Wednesday, 6 August 2008

I don't see why hospitals' being infested with maggots is portrayed as a bad thing, given that maggots can apparently help in the fight against MRSA.
Adam, London, UK

The Phoenix probe seems to be looking in the wrong place for water in this story. There's quite clearly a river in the background.
Duncan, Fife

George, (Tuesday's Letters) re your amazement on German police bras having polizei embazoned all over them - the reason is all uniform worn by officers remains the property of the issuing force and must be returned to that force when leaving their employment. Perhaps they feared that these garments would be overlooked. One hopes that these particular items won't be re-issued to anyone else.
Jo, Lichfield

In German, a bra is a bustenhalter, which translates back into English as a bust holder. That tends to sum up a copper quite well, on the other hand, so presumably they have to label them to ensure there's no confusion.
Fred, Rotherham

Re the story on dogs yawning, me and my husband did the same experiement using one bear in the Bronx Zoo. Can we retrospecitively claim large amounts of pointless research cash, or at least a little bit of fame for being before such eminent people? Pretty please.
Katherine Broadhurst, Cardiff

Am I alone in thinking that today's quote should be the chorus of a new song by the Beach Boys?
HS, Cambridge

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