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18:04 UK time, Thursday, 24 July 2008

I'm leaving! BBC has offended me in recent weeks with constant stories about homosexuality. I am a gay male and believe me BBC - it doesn't need its own promo spot. Why is it that we need to be seen in a good light or a bad light as a community? No one ever says heterosexuals are good/bad people, why are we seen as this separate group? I'm a British citizen just like Mr and Mrs Straight next door, right? Or am I?
Rant. Over.
Angel, Coventry, UK

So John Parker was inspired to take £1,000 off the asking price of his house each week by a shop doing the same to sell sofas. How much did the sofas cost in the first place?
Michael, Rockville, MD, USA

Last night I got a 99 for 99p from the ice cream van that came down my street (Wednesday letters). Amazing!
Dave, Merthyr Tydfil

Perhaps Paper Monitor lamenting the poor standard of puns in the days press, regarding the Darwins, could lead to a return of that much loved and missed item, Punorama. I'm sure that there are plenty of talented amateurs who could treat the subject with the due reverence it deserves.
Simon Rooke, Nottingham

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