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16:14 UK time, Thursday, 17 July 2008

So a Leeds beauty queen is now crowned Miss Halton, but is called Miss Basra... How many towns and cities does she want to be the beauty queen of?
Steven, Manchester

Re: Say goodbye to the computer mouse - just to put my pedant hat on, is the plural of computer mouse not "mouses"?
The Bob, Glasgow

Re: Target to cut MRSA virtually hit So MRSA is now a computer virus?
Sarah, Uxbridge

Arrgh stop! I woke this morning with Chiquitita in my head, had Winner takes it all while on the bus to work, now Paper Monitor, Weds is singing SOS at me... I haven't even see the movie yet!
Flo, Edinburgh

I'm sure the writers at the Beeb must be having some sort of league table to see who's headlines rate a mention on MM:
Shiz, Cheshire, UK

I think the final nail in the Esperanto coffin was the fact that it is not as sexy as the competition - Klingon and Elvish. If you are going to speak a made-up language why not one where you can dress up like your favourite movie character while doing it. Do the Esperanto convention attendees get to wear silly outfits too.
Mike Thomas, Wirral

Adam - it took me several seconds to work out Leeds/Leads - very good. But you ask where else they could be based. How about Barking or Kenilworth or even the Isle of Dogs. See what you've started now...
Anna, Northumberland

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