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15:40 UK time, Wednesday, 16 July 2008

I'd be interested to know why the BBC sees the need to use the term "male nurse" in the headline to this story. Is the fact that his name is David not enough? They wouldn't use 'male barrister' or 'female cleaner', would they? So why specify a sex here?
Rob, Birmingham, UK

Re: Why does anyone learn Esperanto? David Kelso believes "if you want to travel the world and speak to people on equal terms then learning Esperanto is the way to do it," yet the highest estimate of Esperanto speakers is two million worldwide. This really proves his other view, that "people who learn it tend to be idealistic" and possibly that they're bad at maths too.
PS, Newcastle, England

Well where else would the Dogs Trust be based? A new twist on Nominative Determinism here.
Adam G, Merstham

Re: the quote of the day. Will the NHS be able to fund the treatment I now need in order to remove the mental image of Cameron in a Laura Croft outfit from my head? The images, they burn!
Meghan, London, UK

David Cameron may fancy himself as a bit of a Lara Croft, but I'd personally like to see Brown with a 'tache, red hat and a pair of dungarees. He'd make a cracking Mario.
Emma Cox, Essex

So the House of Commons is now inhabited by not only Heathcliff but also Lara Croft? What's next, Nick Clegg comparing himself to Doctor Who?
Susannah, Northampton

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