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16:02 UK time, Tuesday, 15 July 2008

Am I the only one who wondered if this cricketer's back problems may be a simple case of nominative determinism? If I move my rear end into a sideways position, my back certainly gives a warning twinge.
Caroline, Stuttgart, Germany

It appears, despite the ceaseless mocking, that Elmer J Fudd (not an American mortgage lender) was right about them wascally wabbits.
Dylan, Reading, UK

"There are two possible explanations - that the bug is roeselii... the other possibility is that (it) may not be roeselii at all." (Mysterious insect baffles experts) Thanks to the experts for this definitive conclusion.
Paul Greggor, London

Let the power of tectonic plate movement never again be underestimated.
Ben Merritt, Sheffield, England

"British woman hides drugs in wig." So this is how a certain prominent singer keeps herself supplied whilst travelling.
Andy, Bradford

Never mind Tranquillo Barnetta - can Amy Winehouse help me to complete my Crostini sticker album?
Frederick Heath-Renn, London, UK

Bear Grylls?
Anna H, London

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