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17:14 UK time, Tuesday, 8 July 2008

To Lucy (Outraged of Maidstone). The merits of tree-cutting aside, sex in public itself isn't actually illegal, as a quick search on the Interwebs might have informed you (but heaven forbid putting research ahead of righteous indignation, eh?).
Arthus, London

Sorry I missed the festivities yesterday! Can it be noted PM shares his/her birthday with the likes of Angelica Huston, Kevin Bacon and the newborn daughter of Nicole Kidman, Sunday Rose. How wonderful for you. Although I share mine with The Fonz (Henry Winkler) and that beats the lot, so there! Many belated Happy returns!
Felicity, Cheltenham

My first day off in 2008. No seriously. My first day off and I miss the Magazine's Birthday Party? How convenient. And I thought we were friends. I won't pretend not to be offended. Hope you all had fun without me!!
Ally, Cheltenham

Sorry I missed your birthday party. Sadly, I was worried How to Say was going to be there, and after our uncomfortable moment in the broom cupboard at last year's Christmas party, I felt it wiser not to attend. I am such a sucker for a French/German/Chinese/ZImbabwean/Russian/Burmese/Polish accent.
Dylan, Reading, UK

Surprise! Happy Birthd... where is everyone? Sorry, did I get the worng day for the party? Oh look, an abandoned bowl of crisps...
Howard, London, UK

Dear MM, being somewhat still in the first heady flushes of adulthood and therefore paid office employment where one can spend blissful periods of time in the Magazine section I have found that there are often 'in-jokes' that I have no insight too. Following the party yesterday I have just had the most delightful time following all the links back to the original Judy Cabbages letter and tried to come up with my own non-phonetical alphabet. I am now off to attempt the 5 clicks game. Oh how proud and 'hip' I feel!
Molly, Dorking

How can Paper Monitor have a hangover? (S)he was "sitting at home in a non-gender determining pink tux..." Are we being deceived?
Mark Perryman, Maidstone, Kent

So sorry to have missed the wonderful party - I was completely tied up.
Timothy Barnes, Monaco

So, Max Mosley's Nazi-themed orgy was actually more of a Barnes dance then?
Rob Falconer, Llandough, Wales

Now that Brentwatch appears to have slipped quietly into oblivion can we start a Dr Who-watch for spurious pictures of Tardis-related characters in BBC news stories? If so can I nominate this one?James Dawkins, Reading

Is this a bizarre twist of nominative determinism? It's made my day anyway.
(US man makes balloon chair trip)
Kazbat, Merseyside

Was that really the best picture to illustrate the story?
Dan, London

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