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16:26 UK time, Wednesday, 2 July 2008

So Teddy T feels that "persistent pigeon-feeder[s]" cause the large number of "nuisance" pigeons in London (Is it legal to shoot pigeons? ). It's more accurate to say that the number of pigeons in our city were/are drawn in by the rubbish. And it's this which causes them to be disease-ridden and nicknamed "flying rats". No doubt it's more natural for them to be flying around the countryside than eating vomit, kebabs and cigarette butts. It's our mess.
Jude McArdle, London (currently NYC)

Is anyone else annoyed with the current trend for the word "Brit" instead of "British" or "Briton" (Doubt over date for Brit invasion).
Kevin, Douglas, Isle of Man

How smart am I? Well, at least, unlike the person who set the questions, I know that the text in question one is an example of a metaphor...
Jacob, London
Monitor note: You've asked for it now, Jacob.

Re George Sampson and the Quote of the Day. Does anyone else find it a bit disappointing that Britain's most talented human being is someone who's simply embellished a three-year-old VW advert?
Robert Phillips, Cardiff, UK

More nominative determinism, of a sort. On the Jeremy Vine show on Radio 2 on Tuesday, they were debating whether women should be ordained as bishops. To present the case against, they had the Bishop of Beverley. I think he was onto a loser once he accepted this diocese.
Dave Moore, Par England

I think the Sun should rise to the challenge of combining Paper Monitor's two stories today, and charge someone with creating contraceptive equipment from tennis balls cut in half.
Susannah, Northampton
Monitor note: We're kinda hopin' they don't.

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