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16:29 UK time, Tuesday, 1 July 2008

RE Smoking's unintended consequences, can I suggest we call the combination of chatting and smoking "choking"?
GDW, Edinburgh, UK

Regarding Nicky's question (Monday letters) about English GCSE, er, questions. You still do discuss literate, drama, poetry, etc, but in an English *Language* GCSE (as opposed to literature, they are separate, y'know) it's hardly fair to ask kids about Shakespeare.
Arthus, London

Nicky Stu: The English paper in question was most likely English Language, Foundation Tier. The subject in question is designed to test the candidates' skill (or lack thereof) at expressing themselves in writing, not at literary analysis. The foundation tier is primarily intended for those predicted to receive a grade below C, hence the questions not being as challenging as one would hope. I do not think Act III of "The Winter's Tale" is on any current GCSE syllabus.
Rhys, Lincoln, United Kingdom

Looks like the Canadian journalist who "tried to get too close" to the overturned truck of bees succeeded in doing exactly that.
Bob Peters, Leeds, UK

"Pc Stacy Beale, Hampshire Police's equine liaison officer." Nuff said.
Bob, Stalybridge

Did anyone else read the headline "Turtles return home after UK stay" and wonder if it had anything to do with Glastonbury?
Helen, Paris, France

Did anyone else think this looked like the finger of god (if she were a woman) stubbing out humanity like an old cigarette?
Henri, Sidcup

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