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09:30 UK time, Monday, 7 July 2008

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Somebody should coin a word - or draw our attention to a previous coinage - for the dark tabloid art of sticking a head on top of someone else's body.

The photos are accompanied by a caption saying "what x would look like if he..." They're a staple of sports stories. But they're also a common occurrence in the news pages.

In the Daily Mirror there's a feature headlined "Royality TV" that is a multiple offender. It's asking what the royal family might be like as presenters of reality TV stars. The Duchess of Cornwall has her head superimposed on the body of Carol Thatcher in I'm a Celebrity, while the Duke of Edinburgh's ends up on a Newsnight presenter.

On page 19 of the Sun there's an even worse example. Members of the wealthy Bin Laden family are being linked with the purchase of Newcastle United. The Bin Laden family disowned Osama some years ago for his activities. How to illustrate this story?

A picture of Osama in a Newcastle strip with the club crest on his turban.

It's not big or clever.

And on the occasion of the Magazine's fifth birthday, Paper Monitor feels compelled to note that having lost, Roger Federer will be able to use his cardigan with the RF5 buttons again next year.

The joy of recycling...

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