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17:14 UK time, Friday, 27 June 2008

Did it come as a complete surprise to anyone else that Robert Mugabe had a knighthood (Honour and dishonour)? If that had been more commonly known - especially in his own country - it might have been a bit harder for him to big up his credentials as "anti-British", something he has campaigned successfully on in several elections.
Aine, London

In response to K Walker's question (Thursday letters), my TV licence states on the back of it that even if you do not own a TV and watch programmes exclusively online, you still require a TV licence. Sorry.
Danie Jones, Cambridge, England

K Walker - yes. See various Acts of Parliament.
Henri, Sidcup

Technically you need a TV licence if you own any equipment that can receive TV signals. As I only use mine for DVDs and for the kids' consoles, I asked the TV Licence authorities if I needed a licence and they said no.
Martin, Stevenage, UK

I was surprised that Noddy appears in the list of gay kisses (It started with a kiss). Toytown is clearly more liberated than in my childhood (I never watched Byker Grove, see).
Richard, Newport

Nuno from Portugal (Thursday letters), who thinks that 44 is not young anymore, most people would consider 88 to be a pretty good innings, therefore 44 should actually be "middle-aged". But let's face it, nobody wants to be middle-aged. I'm certainly not there yet.
Caroline (age 43 & 11 months), Rochester, UK

Re the caption competition. The reason he's an "enthusiastic Glastonbury attendee" is probably that he's going to walk away richer than he arrived - 200 odd cans at, shall we say, £2 a pop? Even taking into account the ticket price he'll be in profit.
Kevin, Derby

Surely the greatest case of nominative determinism ever witnessed. I wonder what feelings he had for Miss Piggy?
Megan Lucas, Northampton, UK

Re Chris Dowe and recycled Coke bottles (Thursday letters): Yes please, reusable glass bottles for cola. Better for the environment, and everyone knows Coke always tastes better out a glass bottle. Oh wait, this is the UK so there is too great a risk of people smashing them on the floor and/or glassing each other. Maybe plastic recycling is safer...
Martin, Bristol, UK

Yes, it probably would be better to clean bottles and re-use them, but then people would turn up their nose at a slightly scratched bottle. As much as people moan about excess packaging, they're actually quite fussy about appearance unfortunately.
Andy Donovan, Sheffield, UK

Re Matt Copp and the non-grounded cat (Thursday letters): Incorrect. All the moggy would have to do is touch any two of the wires. Voltage difference = fried moggy.
Joe, Ipswich

Do I really need to point out that electrically "grounded" does not mean "on the ground"? Not to mention the fact that grounding isn't even necessary, merely a big enough difference in potential between kitty whiskers and kitty tail.
Susannah, Northampton

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