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15:56 UK time, Wednesday, 25 June 2008

Interesting as a skyscraper with rotating parts sounds, what if something interesting were to happen on, say, the west side of the building? If everyone rotated their flat in the same direction simultaneously, I can see it going the way of Pisa pretty quickly.
Edward Green, London, UK

Is it the definition of irony that my employer, a major UK defence contractor, offers an ethical pension scheme that "will not invest in defence related security"?
Anon, England

If the Large Hadron Collider actually does result in the planet being sucked into a black hole, how long do we have to sue before we are compressed into the singularity, and are there any lawyers who specialise in damage to entire planets caused by this sort of situation?
Nigel Macarthur, London, England

Re Dodgy landlord fears for students. That'll be the day.
Martin Ruck, Oxford, UK

I can see Parrot Problem 1 (Parrot found in office storeroom) added to Parrot Problem 2 (Lost singing parrot 'walks alone') and you get a solution. Who's a pretty boy!
John, Wigan, England

Thirteen in a Volvo? Huh! When I was in the cub scouts, our scout assistant used to take most of the cub football team in his open top three wheel Bond. I'm sure we managed eight or nine plus the driver (with only two seats, as I recall) in the 1950s.
Richard Swailes, Woodford Green

Might I suggest that there is no way on God's good green - or sludgy watery brown - Earth that a tent is going to float, regardless of how well it is fashioned into a boat, makeshift or otherwise (Glastonbury opens festival gates). A slight mis-remembering of the event do you think?
Kevin, Derby

To Christy from Chicago (Tuesday letters), with regard to your second point, bees and wasps weigh considerably less than red-wing blackbirds and both are more than capable of inflicting pain. When it comes to creatures inflicting hurt, nature proves that size really doesn't matter.
PS, Newcastle, England

Christy, a rifle bullet weighs one eighth of a red-wing blackbird. It isn't necessarily the weight, it's the speed too.
Mark Esdale, Bridge

With Paper Monitor's stylistic preference for using uber, as in uber-coach, uber-writer and uber-fans, shouldn't it have been uber-pants (Quote of the Day)?
Simon Rooke, Nottingham, UK

I wonder if that joker, Adolf Hitler (Quote of the Day), was making a punning reference to the abermensch (I am assuming his joke in German used unterhosen and aberhosen). The abermensch is a philosophical concept used in part by the Nazis to justify eugenics and the Final Solution. How droll. Those long evenings in the bunker must have flown by.
Adam, Belfast, UK

Re crash at the Co-Op - "Lexus chain store massacre". Where's Punorama when you need it?
TG, Belfast

So, Kieran Poynter was put in charge of investigating the HMRC data disc loss. Rather disappointingly, "The Poynter report does not blame individual officials, but highlights serious structural failings at HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) offices." I personally think that Kieran's brother, Fynger, should have been given the job.
Christian Cook, Espom, UK

Why is it that I almost always get the daily mini-quiz right, yet I have never once managed to answer seven questions correctly in 7 days 7 questions - perhaps I buckle under the pressure?
Chick, Gatwick

Paper Monitor prefers Tom Jones to Thom Yorke? Well, it's not unusual.
Adam, Belfast, UK

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