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18:16 UK time, Tuesday, 24 June 2008

Man guilty of having 13 in a Volvo. Is it me, or does that sound kinky, somehow?
Nigel Macarthur, London, England

A man being found guilty of dangerous driving after police found 13 in his Volvo prompted the BBC's Colette Hume to attempt a reconstruction. But the video page is entitled "Can 13 people fit in a Volvo?" Surely the fact that someone has just been found guilty in a court of law for having 13 people in a Volvo answers this question from the outset and so the video should simply consist of Colette saying "yes".
Christian Cook, Epsom, UK

I can't decide whether to be relieved that the Earth is not at risk from CERN's Large Hadron Collider (Earth 'not at risk' from collider) or to start seriously worrying about this latest peril that I had never thought of before, just in case the report from the European Organization for Nuclear Research that there is "no conceivable danger" is a bit off the mark. It might be best if I take my laptop under my desk and start working from there. Ah yes. That's better.
Nigel Brachi, Edmonton, Canada

Is the use of the phrase " would be wrong not at least to put it on the table and see what's on offer" indicative of a change of priorities from the WWF?
Alex Cross, Shifnal, England

As a naturalist living in Chicago, I have a bit of advice for anyone scared of the dive-bombing blackbirds:
1. You should be wearing a helmet if you're biking anyway, yo.
2. Red-wing blackbirds weigh roughly 64g. They cannot hurt you.
3. It's much more prudent to beware the Segway tour groups. Anyone with taste that poor should be avoided.
Christy, Chicago, USA

Reading your piece on council lingo reminded me of a sign I saw in Salzburg a couple of years ago advertising "Sustainable Mozart". The poster went on to say that the organisers were looking to find a new "discourse culture". I hope they located it, because to this day, I certainly haven't a clue what they were really on about.
Alastair Appleton, Cambridge, UK

Re Sowing the seeds of urban farming,, "they want to see 6,000 acres of land in the capital used to grow enough food for the 14 million meals that will be needed during the 2012 Olympic Games in London. This, they say, would require 2,012 new food-growing spaces." Well, now that's a coincidence. 2,012 food-growing spaces needed for 2012. Who'd have thought it?
Sara, Camden

Please don't use teaser headlines like "Terrified - I binned my vacuum cleaner" again, especially if you then 'forget' to add the link. Some of us are unduly sensitive, with nervous dispositions you know.
Vicky, East London

In response to Teegee in Belfast, I think it's a bad idea to introduce the term "binge thinking" into the workplace due to the fact it's obviously not very politically correct. Although I have not spoken to any sources about this and have absoluteley no official proof, it's pretty insulting to actual binge drinkers.
Mark Ivey, Hartlepool, UK

Sarah of Uxbridge you are not alone. I spent the whole of Monday feeling slightly nauseous at the Singleton revelations. "Would sticky-back plastic be involved?" I pondered. It makes me shudder with shame.
Roy Bennett, Abergavenny

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