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15:46 UK time, Monday, 16 June 2008

"Vodka, braed, eggs, fat, vodka"? I feel sic.
Luke L, Woking, UK

A non-medicinal, fruit-flavoured "pill" that parents give to children to keep them quiet when they complain about aches and pains. Hang on, isn't that just a sweet? So can I now get peanut M&Ms on prescription?
Christian Cook, Epsom, UK

Can vegetarians be world leaders? (Paper Monitor) - well, look what happened to Hitler...
HB, London

"Those mice that could not respond to ghrelin had greater levels of depression-like symptoms than the normal mice." It's always fascinated me about experiments like this... just how does a mouse show it's depressed?
Ash, Leuven, Belgium

Re "Court warns Italian TV prankster": 20,000 TV hijackings? Even if Mr Paolini clocked up two per day, every day, it would take over 27 years to reach 20,000. Are Guinness World Records sure of their figures?
KP, Shepton Mallet

Dog honoured for bravery by Katy Bravery? Come on BBC, you're even trying anymore.
Phil, Oxford

Er, what's up with that poor woman at bottom left in Richard Jenkinson's picture of 10 shoes? Can Monitor organise a whip-round to buy her a pair that match?
Mark, Reading

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