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13:14 UK time, Thursday, 5 June 2008

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Today being Thursday, and so the day after Wednesday, it's that time of the week when political reporters and sketch writers sharpen their pencils and report on the Punch and Judy show interrogation and debate in Prime Minister's Questions.

Road tax, Northern Ireland, Robert Mugabe... all topics of notable gravitas. Their coverage in today's press? Minimal, or at least in comparison to the interest in David Cameron's new hairstyle (or "follicle reshuffle" as the Daily Telegraph so eloquently puts it).

Using the parting of his hair as a metaphor for his political views is nothing new. Since he became leader in 2005, it's gone from right to left to fall straight bang in the centre, and with each new quiff, analysis has been made. Vogue has nothing on wily lobby hacks when it comes to a style critique.

Ann Treneman of the Times compares the said 'do to that of Demi Moore, adding that it was the only talking point in the corridors of power. Her verdict? "Billy Bunter goes to Eton".

The Daily Mail's Quentin Letts describes it as "a wind-blown David Cassidy-style centre-parting".

The Sun seeks the advice of its associate fashion editor, who scathingly brands it "a throwback to dodgy barnets popular 10 years ago".

But it's the Independent to the rescue to solve to the conundrum of David Cameron's centre parting. The reshuffle has no political significance. "A Tory MP said: 'He was late for PMQs and it may be he lost his comb'." Phew, panic over. The lobby reporters can get back to the day job.

Following on from yesterday's assorted methods for choosing a team to follow at Euro 2008, Frank Skinner in the Times has solved the dilemma for once and all - don't pick a team to support, choose one to hate.

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