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Caption Competition

13:18 UK time, Friday, 13 June 2008

Winning entries in the now-returned Caption Competition.

The competition is now closed. Full rules can be seen here [PDF].

band_ap_424250.jpgHere members of the Philippine Marines Drum and Bugle Corps perform during the celebration of the 110th anniversary of the Philippines independence at Manila's Rizal Park.

Thanks to all who entered. The prize of a small amount of kudos to the following:

6. TNSCapcom
As physical torture is now illegal, the CIA gets creative.

5. NoMoreFA
Philipino cavalry band still looking for horse thieves.

4. Dodie James
Early attempts at a hovercraft were largely unsuccessful.

3. Candace9839
Prince William's follow on to the helicopter landing had to be especially bold.

2. akaTomflash
With a marauding string section on the loose, the brass band had no choice but to retreat into the standard defensive formation.

1. robmoo
The Millennium Falcon's camouflage had worked a treat.


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