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17:20 UK time, Friday, 23 May 2008

Reverse nominative determinism - did I hear correctly on Odd Box that the name of the stilt walker was Neil Saunter, two things you can't do on stilts.
DustinThyme, Aylesbury, UK

Given the fact I walk to work, and with the price of petrol like it is, I need a new car like I need a hole in the head. So that's sorted (US car dealer in free gun offer).
Robert MacRae, Manchester, England

I was intrigued by Jenkins hits out at opera critics: "The Classical Brit-winning artist told the opening night of the Hay Festival she never claimed to be an opera star." Yet the very first line of her official online biography reads: "Katherine Jenkins is redefining Classical Crossover, and is pioneering a new genre of Opera superstar." How curious.
Matt, Aberystwyth, Wales

I would love to know quite how Harriet Harman knows people's votes in the by-election were "not a judgement on [Labour's] campaign" (Harman on Labour defeat). It certainly contributed to mine.
Jamie, Crewe

Can we please stop talking about Twitter (Thursday letters)? As someone who is eminently unlikeable and whose only friends are imaginary, I always feel terribly left out by the rise of social networking sites. Unless someone knows of such a site that caters for intolerable bores and selfish ignoramuses like my good self? A site where you are judged by how many friends you don't have? A pariah-archy perhaps?
Dylan, Reading, UK

So it is finally proven - aliens made them (Crystal skulls 'are modern fakes').
Doug Reid, Barnet

Re Avoiding food 'may beat jet lag' - hah! Just you wait, they'll be saying this is the way to tackle obesity as well. Idiots...
Sue, London

Oh Rob, how right you are (Thursday letters). The abuse of reflexive pronouns is hideous and only compounded by the inevitable stress on the preposition. [Said with nasal twang] "Can you send it TO myself?" Eugh.
Hugh, Coventry

I am glad Simon Rooke won the caption competition, his was the best and made me laugh out loud. As mine did not appear in the runners-up I can only assume you didn't read it. You've missed out because that one would have made tea squirt out of your nose.
Michaela, Runcorn, UK

May I commend the Magazine selection panel for their excellent taste in caption picking. But, I may have to sue the BBC for the cost of plastic surgery to remove the smug, self-satisfied grin I've developed this afternoon.
Simon Rooke, Nottingham

I preferred it when the caption competition was on holiday. Punorama - now there's a real competition.
Andy, Leeds

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