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16:32 UK time, Wednesday, 21 May 2008

What's the name of the Guardian's columnist, commentating on the fiscal situation? Mr Chancellor of course.
Basil Long, Leicester

Re Five augurs of the storm ahead: "It is very difficult to dry-clean at home." Hmmm, I'd suggest that unless you live in a dry-cleaners, it's actually impossible.
Sue, London

"Half of Daily Mail readers vote Labour" (Paper Monitor)? That's not what Viscount Rothermere said. That's not even what the Guardian says he said, according to your link. He suggested that the readership was a broad cross-section of the population, half of whom vote Labour. The second part of that is statistically false. In any case, to infer that the readership are representative of the population is a logical error. If the Prime Minister said that Labour voters were a broad cross-section of the nation, would it follow that 40% of Labour voters typically vote Conservative?
Chris, Cambridge, UK

Is there a term for merging similar words so that the combined result is greater than the sum of its parts? I'm thinking particularly of Paper Monitor's comment about "Carrie Bradshaw and Mr Big in clinche". All right, so the accent is missing, but otherwise it's perfect.
Jo, London

Is clinche another hybrid word - this one for describing an overused picture of two people hugging - part clinch, part cliché?
JP, London

OK, the Monitor's gender question answered - today's Quote of the Day references a particular scene from Sex and The City... Any man remember that? No, didn't think so.
Vincent, Worthing

Re kissing like a clam (Quote of the Day). That's one of the few Sex and the City episodes I watched - under duress at my girlfriend's flat. I paid her back by reenacting The Clam each time we kissed for a week. Never had to watch the show again...
Steve, London

Wait, what? MPs are delayed on their way to Crewe by a signalling fault and Virgin Trains deserve condemnation? Either someone at the BBC, or all the MPs backing Lembit Opik's motion, are missing something here. Virgin Trains are responsible for trains, not railway signals. Network Rail are responsible for signals. It's one of those cunning facts about a privatised rail industry that no-one ever seems to grasp.
Susannah, Northampton

Am I the only one to be a little disturbed by Ed's (Clacton) admission to have listened to all 43 entries for the Eurovision song contest (Monday letters)? More disturbing that he has listened to them a couple of times.
Martin Hollywood, Luxembourg (does not enter Eurovision)

Is Flat fire was caused by squirrels in response to Jamie 'must back squirrel-eating'? Still, sounds like there's some flame grilled squirrel if anyone wants some?
Jinja, Edinburgh

Bored at work, and was just pondering... If I read a story by clicking on the link from the "most read" box, does this add to the count of readers for the story, or should I find the original page link in order to register a count?
Owain Williams, Munich

Am I completely wrong in not having a clue what a Twitter feed is? I, like so many others, have been blocked from seeing the mysteries of this link. I'm taking that it's not slang for bird food like my first thoughts...
Kerri, London

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