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15:32 UK time, Monday, 12 May 2008

Re Is it just the shoes? Sex and the City is over-coloured, ludicrously wordy and utterly bound by its own devotion to stereotypical pinkness. As with Desperate Housewives, it has become Camp TV - limp, silly and with nothing to teach any woman about how to survive either sex or the city. Is it any wonder that TV production continues to visit costume drama when the highest profile of contemporary "women's programming" is so vacuous?
Kim, Oxfordshire

Paper Monitor mentions the seaside shots in various publications. Checking online I noticed that the same four girls appear in photos in The Times ("Crowds of people flock to the British beaches", with a pier in the background), the Daily Mail ("Four bikini-clad girls enjoy splashing around in the sea at Bournemouth Beach") and Metro ("A group of girls enjoy the warm weather and the sea on the beach in Brighton"). Brighton? Bournemouth? They sure got around a bit on such a hot day.
Ed, Clacton, UK

Most of the time it is possible to look at a headline and have a good idea what the story is about. Apart from Microwaves 'cook ballast aliens'.
Simon, Colchester, UK

Perhaps the author of Microwaves 'cook ballast aliens' would like to borrow my Boy's Own Book of Ships. He will then discover that a tanker carries liquids, and a freighter carries other things. Piling containers on a tanker is not a good idea; you would get your wrists slapped and not be allowed to sail.
Graham, Purmerend, Netherlands

I am a mum and a secondary school teacher. I want to air my concerns about how many young people are being allowed to play the newly released GTA4. It has a rating of 18 for good reason. The majority of boys in my form who are 15/16 got it as soon as it was released and my son's friends, all 13/14, have also got it. Such was the peer pressure that our son decided, against our wishes, to borrow the game this week. Why do other parents ignore the rating? As a teacher and a parent I am very worried that parents don't think it matters if young people are exposed to explicit violence, sex, drug abuse and foul language. What is their justification? Children should be allowed to be children.
Nadine Morgan, York, England

Every day British people throw away more than a million pots of unopened yoghurt. Might the reason be that what looks so tempting amongst hundreds of similar pots on the supermarket shelves looks rather less tempting in the fridge, alongside much more exciting and substantial snacks and meals?
Rob Falconer, Llandough, Wales

The pictures in If only the Caption Competition were back miss the point. You don't want silly pictures, you want something like this.
Jo Edkins, Cambridge

Gaffes and misspeaking aren't all bad. I was laughing all day after what I thought would be a dull market research call on Saturday. It came from what I assume was a busy call-centre in India or Sri Lanka. I was bored, so happy to spend a few minutes answering questions about hot consumer issues including salads, DAB radio and foreign holidays. Then at the end, the researcher asked for my name. I spelt it out letter-by-letter, and he tried use the phonetic alphabet to confirm it back to me: "C for Charlie, O for Oscar, U for Umbrella, L for Lima, T for Tango, H for erm... Hitler".
John Coulthard, Bath, UK

Re serving up grey squirrel (Monday's Quote of the Day). Let me guess, tastes like chicken?
Candace, New Jersey, US

Dave from Gillingham (Monday letters), Ginger Nuts are certainly not the way forward for dunking. At the forefront of dunking technology is the Yorkshire Tea biscuit - T-shaped for maximum dunkage.
Simon Guerrero, Melksham, UK

Re Power-hungry IT firms change focus: "Vapour trails across the sky makes pollution from planes highly visible" is complete rubbish. Vapour trails are water vapour, hence the name. If a zero-carbon aircraft is ever built it will still leave vapour trails.
Richard Kent, Sheffield, UK

Last week, there was an item on BBC Breakfast news about garden security. I once looked out of my bedroom window and saw a man walking off with my garden gate. I didn't say anything; I didn't want him to take offence.
Ralph, Cumbria

What's wrong with the word "row" (Friday letters)? It keeps you fit and allows you to enjoy the river.
Nigel Macarthur, London, England

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