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15:19 UK time, Monday, 5 May 2008

Re Why are girls fighting like boys? Never once when drunk have I started a fight, caused trouble or been nasty. Why? I had a poor but very fair upbringing. Easy to follow rules, and there was the cane at school. Sorry to sound so harsh, but looking around at Romford at night - good god. Thirteen-year-old girls pregnant, boozed out of their skulls, gangs of blokes fighting over "yards". Why don't the parents care? There is always a cause, for this effect. I was bored rigid at times as a kid - you know what I did? Read a book, taught myself the guitar, drew - I didn't ever feel the urge to sit on a wall. Obviously thrilling, maybe now at 35, I may enjoy a midlife crisis and start joining my mates at the local wall.
Iain, Romford

How to tell which biscuits are best - can you eat a whole packet without realising? You can with fig rolls and malted milks because you always want more. Whereas Oreos, you only ever want a few. British biscuits are the best!
Laurence, St Albans

Bourbon biscuits. Miles better than Oreos. Fact. And if you want to dunk, then Ginger Nuts are the way forward.
Dave, Gillingham

I've been dunking Oreo's into milk for years, try it you'll like it. The British biscuit is equally as good giving it the same treatment.
Walt W, El Segundo, California

Complaining that an Oreo doesn't go well with tea is like complaining that curry doesn't go well in a pie. It is what it is, all onto its own. Besides, Britain has accepted McDonalds, Coca Cola, Starbucks and Friends. What difference does one biscuit really make now?
Tavis, East Molesey, England

I lived in Moscow last year and it isn't as expensive as people make out. Yes, hotel rooms are a problem. But there are cheap places to eat and drink and the metro costs next to nothing (especially if you compare it to the extortionate London Underground). The trick is to go into places where you see the average local going, especially for food. Look for hostels or find a host family on, where many people are willing to host tourists for a night or two for mere pennies in comparison to the Ritz. It is expensive in the ways cities are, but if you are willing to shop around and learn some Russian phrases it will make life much easier (and cheaper).
Vicky, Exeter, UK

You can easily pay £4 a pint in Moscow. Many fairly normal bars charge six! Yes you can get it cheaper in a locals bar; but they will make you feel very unwelcome.
Andy Smith, Almaty

If you want to fly to Moscow to watch a football game, which is nothing more than 22 millionaires chasing a ball, suits you right if you have to pay a high price for this.
Pete Nolan, London

Re 10 things, aren't those Lego people not Playmobil?
And just read this line at the end of Australian state in drink purge: "But with demand very strong, alcohol's poisonous grip is leading many Australians down a self-destructive path littered with injury and illness." Are you employing poets to write articles now?
Nich Hill, Portsmouth
The Monitor: This article also features the Everywhere Girl mentioned in Friday's Paper Monitor. Who is she?

Re 'Sex pest' seal attacks penguin. Must have misunderstood the advert "P-P-P Pick Up A Penguin".
Jon, Washington DC

Further clues to Paper Monitor's identity: Never reads a Tube map so must live in central London. Since November 2007 when TfL took over Silverlink Metro trains, the Travelcard zones have been numbered 1-9.
Darren, London

To MCK of Coventry (Friday Letters) who types wonderfully observed missives then accidentally deletes them - I think the phenomenon you've experienced is known as a "clearsend".
David, Jerusalem

Just thought I'd send you a letter before they're published. I live in the US now, so I always miss the publication time... but not today.
Rikki, Virginia, US

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