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Thursday's Quote of the Day

09:17 UK time, Thursday, 1 May 2008

"Is that God up there?" - Felix Fritzl, 5, sees the moon for the first time since leaving the cellar.
'Is that God up there?' - Felix Fritzl, 5, sees the moon for the first time since leaving the cellar

A poignant quote today, amid the horrors of the story of the Austrian children who have spent their whole lives locked by in a windowless vault by the man who is their father and grandfather. Josef Fritzl, 73, admits trapping his then 18-year-old daughter Elisabeth in the cellar and raping her over 24 years. Among the seven children he fathered with Elisabeth is Felix. Now freed from the basement, Felix is constantly excited by what he is experiencing, say doctors. The Telegraph describes how he keeps trying to hit the air with his hand, gurgled excitedly on seeing a cow and was stunned when he saw an officer start talking into a mobile phone.

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