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Friday's Quote of the Day

08:57 UK time, Friday, 16 May 2008

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"Do I remember the spotty student who paid us on the night? How can I put it? No" - Dr Feelgood's manager Chris Fenwick struggles to remember David Cameron.feelgood_quote.gifWith news that Gordon Brown's pop sensibilities stretch beyond the Arctic Monkeys to a daily dose of the Bee Gees - according to Robin Gibb the PM listens to the 70s disco pop ensemble every day - the theme of political leaders and music is clearly established for the day. So it's over to the Times, which has been retracing the Oxford student days of one David Cameron, in particular his role in organising a big party for fellow students. And, Oxford being Oxford, that means booking a fully fledged professional rock band. Cameron's coup, we're told, was securing the services of Canvey Island's finest. So, does the veteran group's manager have any juicy recollections of his meeting with the young Cameron? Disappointingly, no. Should one at least be a little struck by the spit 'n' sawdust rockers rubbing shoulders with the likes of Eton-educated Cameron? "If someone dangles enough money in front of us, we'll do the somersaults," says a defiantly un-nostalgic Fenwick.
More details (the Times)

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