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17:19 UK time, Friday, 25 April 2008

The minister for Urban Planning in Uganda is called, wait for it, Urban Tibamanya. Thought you should know.
Esther, Kampala, Uganda

I see you've rebranded mankind as 'humankind' half way down this article.
Could you also adjust the last word in the piece to include all those phenowomena out there? Thanks.
David, Hong Kong

Spelling error alert. In Snipes jailed for three years, the plural is snipe. At least they'll be a bit of company for those ducks.
Graham, Purmerend, Netherlands

I've found that you can make a highly effective Dalek voice by turning an ordinary desk fan on to the fastest setting, cupping your hands and speaking into it by getting as close as possible. By simply saying "Exterminate!" into the fan it is possible to frighten the bejesus out of folk of an fragile disposition.
Stuart, Croydon

Not just one, but two appropriate names in this story.
David, Romford, UK

Flexicon suggestion - conjest.
Jill B., Detroit

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