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Your Letters

16:20 UK time, Tuesday, 22 April 2008

If you cross your eyes and stare just behind the double "Your Letters" you can see a dolphin.
Philly, Wolfsburg, Germany

Monitor: Due to an error, Monday's letters were published twice. The person responsible has not been disciplined and is likely to repeat the error at some unspecified point in the future.

Of course anagrams of "interrobangs" (Monday's letters) isn't a competition. If it were, I'd suggest "sober ranting".
Simon Robinson, Birmingham, UK

Am I the only one to be disgusted at the story about rentable dogs? Never mind the cruelty to the animals involved, but the sheer inhumanity to English in this article is breathtaking. Even with the extra time I have on my hands, as I'm currently "pre-employed", I can't for the life of me work out what the hell a word like "pre-registration" means. You register for something, then things will flow from there; no need for the "pre". I demand that the BBC not only ceases the use of this vulgarity, but also hits any interviewee with a ruddy great big stick if it passes their lips. I don't pay my licence fee for nothing.
Duncan Hoffmann, Sheffield

So The Telegraph writing a story about itself (Paper Monitor). That wouldn't be anything like this now would it?
Sarah, Uxbridge

In the story "Snow hampers Snowdon cafe build" it ends:
"There is no translation for 'Hafod', an old Welsh term for residence on high land."
Please help me - I'm trying to understand how there isn't a translation when you then give one.
Ed, Clacton, UK

Why have we only just been alerted to the exploits of Robert Dee. This man should be a national hero in the great tradition of Eddie 'The Eagle' Edwards.
Richard, Aberdeen, UK

Re Mecca at centre of earth claim story, despite having neither religious or scientific expertise, even I struggle to see how anywhere on the surface can lay claim to be at the centre of the earth.
Richard Place, Barnstaple

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