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17:52 UK time, Tuesday, 8 April 2008

Poor cows, unfortunately they didn't escape with miner injuries.
Stuart, Croydon

Why did the Sun bother with a "cut-out-and-keep" Olympic torch (Paper Monitor)? Just rolling up the whole paper and seting light to it be much easier, and much more satisfying.
Doug B, Caerphilly, Wales

I cut out the torch that "never goes out" as mentioned in Paper Monitor and it only lasted seconds after I lit it.
Ed, Clacton, UK

Bear eats fish. I suppose next week there will be a story about what they do in the woods...
Jacob, London

Charlie (Monday's letters), obviously it is a manniversary.
Debster, Twickenham UK

In reply to Charlie of London, the masculine of "nanniversary" is possibly "billiversary"
Grumpy Goat, Dubai, UAE

Stig (Monday's letters) asks what the ducks were in prison for. I've no idea but I bet they were put there by the bill.
Mike, London

Stig, maybe it was possession of quack cocaine. Sorry.
Clare, UK

What were the ducks in for? They were doing bird, of course.
Fred, Rotherham

"It wouldn't surprise me if there wasn't a portrait of me hanging in Kensington Palace in 100 years time," says the man who attended the Diana inquest every day. It wouldn't surprise me if there wasn't either.
Paul, Manchester, UK

Can you be accused of making a mountain out of a molehill in Ireland if there are no moles there?
David, Gateshead

Reading the headline on this story, I missed the word "details". But instead of being shocked I just accepted it as a sign of the times we live in.
Alan Addison, Glasgow, UK

"Attempted rescue ends in rescue"? Doesn't that sound like it's going to be the most boring story of the day?
Rob, Birmingham, UK

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