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17:15 UK time, Friday, 4 April 2008

Professor John Cunningham is treating the Duke of Edinburgh in hospital - is it really possible to "specialise in general medicine" without appearing oxymoronic?
Ross, Essex, UK

Friday is the 60th nanniversary of the real Dr's WHO - the World Health Organisation. Does this mean they all retire and reincarnate on BBC One?
Fred, Rotherham

Campaign to cut deaths on roads brought back a horrible memory for me. About 10 years ago there was a city centre event in Bristol, where the various public services had put on informative and entertaining displays of their areas of activity. The police and fire services had staged a road traffic accident in a side street, involving a motor cyclist and a truck. It was very realistic, with paramedics attending to the injured motorcyclist, and police and fire crews doing what they do. So I moved in close and took lots of photos. Soon the awful truth dawned on me, and I scuttled away, red-faced, to let them get on with their job.
Bob Peters, Leeds, UK

So, the Olympic torch is lit using a mirror and the sun. I hope they finish the crosswords before they set light to them.
Rob Foreman, London, UK

Why do strung sausages give Louis Theroux a "farmyard feeling" (The price of a rhino's life? $100,000)? Does he imagine they are reared that way, little conjoined sacks of meat frolicking in pens?
Chris Clarke, Tunbridge Wells

Re "Tairi, who is thought to be the only North Chinese leopard in the UK..." *Thought* to be? You mean there could actually be a couple of these things roaming around, as yet unnoticed? Maybe I will close that window tonight.
Stig, London, UK

That credit crunch is certainly having an effect on the banks in the United States. Apparently the female-to-male sex-changer who is pregnant used "sperm purchased from a bank". Barclays, take note. It's the coming thing.
Mark, Reading

Why the fuss about the man who is pregnant? He was born a woman and kept his womb etc, so why the shock in the fact he's pregnant?
Rob, Reading

It is heartening to read in the quiz of the week's news (1 out of 7 if you're asking) that the lost luggage being sent to Milan for sorting is travelling by lorry. Perhaps the best decision made there all week.
Stoo, Lancashire, UK

livingstone_sex.gifI'm a bit worried about Ken Livingstone's quote. He doesn't exclude the dead.
Michael Hall, Croydon, UK

What a classic quote of the day! I would imagine most people would use "or" rather than "and", but each to their own, I guess.
Ed, Clacton, UK

Thanks for "more about today's quote". But when, oh when, are we going to have "more about today's mini-quiz"? Please please please? (I have asked before, and will continue asking until Monitor admits it's a great idea.)
Carol, Portugal

Surely even if the caption competition is not here we could have a picture with comments underneath? I enjoyed the alligator picture and wished for a huge list of 200+ witty comments (and 12 not funny ones) as in days gone by.
Naomi P, Sussex

Re Turner apologises for Cage libel. Is it really necessary on the photo to say that Cage is the one on the left? I know Kathleen Turner played a drag queen in Friends, but I think most people would work out that Nicolas is the male and Kathleen is the female.
Louise, Sheffield

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