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16:29 UK time, Wednesday, 26 March 2008

It was interesting to see that a 60 car pile-up in Austria recently was reported in great detail, with pictures, on the BBC. It's also interesting to note that a 116 car pile-up on the D1 motorway between Brno and Prague in the Czech republic last Thursday, March 20th wasn't mentioned at all. It was the biggest road traffic accident in Czech history but I suppose because, luckily, no-one was killed it was not newsworthy enough?
Richard Savage, Plzen, Czech Republic

Re 'Month of cannabis terrified me' Might I suggest that anyone who voluntarily starts binge drinking, and then has plastic surgery just to appear on a TV program probably isn't entirely right in the head to start with, and may not be the best guinea pig for a study involving the possible psychological effects of a drug.
Owain Williams, Munich

RE - Persistent 999 caller given Asbo
I was somewhat interested by the sentence 'Under the three-year Asbo, Ryan can only call 999 in a genuine emergency.' So when are the rest of us allowed to call?
Sophie, Belfast, Ireland

Sam (Wednesday's letters), the Caption Competition did not disappear. Unlike Canoe Man, but similar to Schrodinger's cat, it is still there - neither vanished nor not vanished and, as yet, not un-vanished.
John, Sevenoaks

So if the proposals in the 'Approval for mobiles on aircraft' story ends up happening, we'll be treated to 'yeah, I'm on a plane, yeah, yeah, there's no leg room' in various languages...
Roz, Sheffield, UK

"The cost of making a mobile phone call from a plane will be higher than making one from the ground." Absolutely brilliant.
Chris Robinson, Isle of Man

Re: 10 things. Men eat more Brussell sprouts and broccoli than women. Is that because cannibalism is frowned upon?
Michael B, London

I am a bit gutted I was missed out on Sam of L/Spa's list (Wednesday's letters), . I once nearly won an LBQ keyring you know.
Kaylie, Runcorn, UK

"A name certainly plays more of a part than we think, says Dr Wiseman." - And was that your birth name, Doctor?
Kat Murphy, Coventry

Mark (Wednesday's letters), - I do actually know a boy who had his arm broken by one of the swans by the river in Knaresborough - he'd got too close to the nest, and she attacked him. I believe this is called ostension - when an urban legend actually comes true.
Michelle B, London

From the news ticker: "Marriage rates in England and Wales at lowest level since records began. More soon." Do they know something we don't?
Bryan, Reading

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