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15:19 UK time, Friday, 21 March 2008

RE: Easter disruption hits passengers. Whose bright idea was it to start major railway engineering on Good Friday, one of the busiest travelling dates of the year!?!
Mike Harper, Devon, UK

Is there a bit of sinister, yet ironic, malfeasance going on here? Watch on right wrist, but using right hand for delicate maintenance. Hmmm..
Dodie James, London, UK

Just wondering why the Daily Express describes itself as a "family" newspaper? I never see children reading it, or young women, or indeed anyone under 55...
Rob, London, UK

We lived in the Yukon back in the 80s and came across dog-hair sweaters: handspun, and then knitted into lovely patterns. Why not dog hair? No one thinks twice about wearing wool.
Sandy, Onario, Canada

Breaking traffic rules is one way for DC to keep his name in the press. So long as he did not show too much leg getting on and off his bicycle.
Candace, New Jersey, US

Glad to see that whoever was following David Cameron had no compunction in also breaking the law in order to bring us this story.
Katie, London

Sign seen at a Singapore construction site: "Warning! This is a hard head area!"
Alex Brodie, Edinburgh

Yay! 0 out of 7 on the Quiz of the Week's news! See? I told everyone I'd been really busy this week and this proves it.
Sue, London

Your story Arts job boost for young people notes the pledge that "The government will encourage the protection of live music venues". So is that more jobs for bouncers?
Mark, Reading

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