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15:46 UK time, Wednesday, 12 March 2008

According to today's mini-quiz, Coventry is the cheapest place to stay in the UK because you can get a hotel room for '£57 per night'. In two weeks time I'm going to Barcelona, where I will stay in an en-suite room in a well-reviewed hotel on the edge of the city centre for £48 per night. It's not a difficult choice, really. Sorry Coventry - I might visit when my finances are up to the job.
Ken, Chelmsford

I saw the headline Keisha: I want to be PM while browsing the NZ Herald. I'd vote for her if she promises to bring back Punorama.
Martin , Edinburgh

I can sympathise with Michael Gove (Quote of the Day)- I too used to pretend to be a strange creature in an archaic fantasy world where I made my own rules. But I've grown up since then, and being an MP now seems almost too ludicrous for words.
Edward Green, London, UK

When it comes to "choosing to pretend to be an elf, wizard, warrior or fighting monk" (Quote of the Day), I feel I must point out that 'elf' is a race, whereas the other three are all classes. Of course, multi-classing means you could conceivably be all four things at once but the disadvantages would, erm, ahem... I'll get my +1 Cloak.
Adam, Belfast, UK

Re: Wednesday's quote of the day. I suppose you could describe it as a 'geek tragedy'
James P, Cambridge

As a trained counsellor, can I assure all regular readers of PM that I am poised to offer counselling, therapy and crystals to Molly and anyone else who feels that they are affected by this. For those who feel that you are not affected, you have no heart, no soul, no sense of romance and should be ashamed. I will issue a confidential phone number, website and drop-in centre address when I have dealt with all those still grieving the loss by the England rugby team on Saturday. It's a harsh world out there.
Andi, England

Re. Laurie snubbed: Why do headline writes always turn opinions into facts? 'Laurie FEELS snubbed after US success' would be far more representative than merely putting 'snubbed' in inverted commas. He says himself he has no time for any other work, which makes you wonder what the point of the article is anyway...
Ian, Bristol

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