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16:18 UK time, Tuesday, 4 March 2008

Naked surfing? the water's only around six degrees in Scotland at the moment. They must be nuts.
Stuart, Croydon

Nominative determinism strikes again! Or do you just make this stuff up? Surely there isn't really an MP supporting the British pig industry called Richard Bacon?
Adam, London, UK

British pig industry supporter Richard Bacon MP. Trust him to "hog" the limelight!
Esther, High Wycombe

Charlotte Wilde (quote of the day)? Trains animals?This is inverse nominative determinism, nothing like as common as the positive sort.
John Knight, Beverley, UK

Adrian (Tuesday's letters) - the longest noun-headline I've seen is 'Hump dig man case verdict appeal' - about the chap who dug up a road hump with a JCB.
Dave, London

Regarding: Some New York stores prefer euros. Has the dollar really sunk so low that Jay-Z can only afford "a briefcase of 500 euros"? Or is it a briefcase of 500 Euro notes?
Richard, Abingdon, UK

Re: "Neighbours cut ties with Colombia". I didn't think the Australian soap was shown there anyway!
Mike Harper, Devon, UK

Oh, COME on BBC. If you're not going to let us have our Caption Competition back, could you PLEASE stop printing pictures like this.
Sue, London

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