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Paper Monitor

11:56 UK time, Friday, 14 March 2008

A service highlighting the riches of the daily press.

Devotees of Paper Monitor may be surprised to learn that it too can be subject to the Kafkaesque appointment systems of large institutions such as - and without naming names - those which seek to ensure health and wellbeing in the general populace. Hence today's delayed despatch...

It can’t be often that the Sun and Daily Mirror share the same cover star as that intellectually superior, the Independent, but today’s the day. And the identity of such an all-encompassing individual? No, not Britney, not Myleene and not a dolphin. It’s Kauto Star, with stablemate Denman in some shots - the favourites to win the Gold Cup at Cheltenham.

After those pesky storms wreaked havoc there earlier in the week, at last it’s now tally ho for racegoers on the last day of the festival. Although the talk among tipsters is that it’s a two-horse race, in newspaper coverage terms there is one other well-bred filly to rival them. She’s the (unsurprising?) choice for the Daily Telegraph. Paper Monitor fails to recall a time when an event in the racing calendar wasn’t accompanied by a picture of the royal ‘rebel’ (as she once known for doing the wild thang and having her tongue pierced before eventually settling down with her rugger-playing boyfriend).

On the subject of country pursuits, the self-appointed champion of the countryside himself (residing in that well known rural retreat of Notting Hill), David Cameron, also features heavily in the pages of today’s press. More familiarly seen in the House of Commons, here he is in the House of Camerons (copyright of Paper Monitor). After allowing ITN’s cameras in to film breakfast with his children, who would be the odds-on favourite to make the most of such a story? Double page spread of Dave, Samantha at home with the kids? If Paper Monitor were a betting man (or woman…) it’d be difficult not to have taken a punt on it being the Daily Mail.

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