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Paper Monitor

11:34 UK time, Thursday, 6 March 2008

A service highlighting the riches of the daily press.

Harry's back and it's business as usual, but with a twist, over at the Sun which has "Our homecoming hero" reuniting with girlfriend Chelsy Davy. But by the looks of things, the ghost of Kenneth Williams has taken over the controls on the subs bench. With the couple's reunion having taken place in a less-than down-market district of West London, we're told "Harry's back in Chelsea". Ooooooo matron.

Still, at least Chelsy's idiosyncratically spelt name doesn't see her frequently confused with a selection of cold meats, salads and cheeses. Paper Monitor refers to the newly-crowned richest man in the world, Warren Buffett - that's two "t"s in Buffett. Now, far be it from this column to cast the first stone over such matters, but as today's Guardian inadvertently proves, with its headline "Warren Buffet tops Forbes list with $62bn fortune" all the money in the world won't necessarily buy you the privilege of having your name spelt correctly.

At least the Guardian is in good company. A quick search on Google News reveals others that have fallen into this elephant trap recently include such luminaries as United Press International, the Belfast Telegraph and the San Francisco Chronicle.

Finally, back to the Sun for Travelodge Watch (the phenomenon of repeated mentions in the press of a certain chain of budget roadside motels). Sadly for the PR meisters, this is an object lesson in the downside of getting your name out there too much. "Anti-freeze wife: Prison is just like Travelodge".

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