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12:05 UK time, Wednesday, 5 March 2008

A service highlighting the riches of the daily press.

They may have dawdled initially but the crusade to find missing nine year-old Shannon Matthews has now been well and truly grasped between the teeth of those tabloid terriers, with front page splashes in both the Sun and Daily Mirror. But why the belated interest? Only a hardened cynic could believe that they were influenced by murmurings of a comparison between the lack of interest in Shannon and the Madeleine McCann media extravaganza being class-based. Even Paper Monitor would be hard pushed to suggest such a motive. But, if you'll excuse the leap from papers to online-only content, the Guardian blogger and seasoned media commentator Roy Greenslade (writing in his blog here) clearly has no such hesitancy.

On a lighter note and where’s more likely to raise a smile than the tale of the streaker who ran across the pitch at a cricket match between Australia and India and was met by a tackle from batsman Andrew Symonds, launching him into the air. The Daily Express goes for “Streaker is hit for six” while the Sun takes it to another level with “Batman decks joker” accompanied by a caped crusader-esque cartoon “KA-POW” superimposed onto the photograph. Surprisingly no sign of a reference to him being a cheeky chappy…

From the undressed to the well-dressed. It's official. Those hipsters over at the Daily Telegraph have announced the return of the cardigan. Such is the significance of the news that it’s even made it to the sacrosanct pages of the paper’s editorial. Could this make for the quickest reversal of a fashion revival? And are those fine fellows over at the Telegraph aware that this rise in cardigan-wearing is (probably) not of the twin set and pearls variety?

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