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Daily Mini-Quiz

09:15 UK time, Thursday, 20 March 2008

five_pa203_250.jpgFor those of you who have come here from the Daily Mini-Quiz...

They used to say "lashings and lashings of ginger beer", but now they can be heard exclaiming "cell phones are the greatest - you can order pizza with them".

Sixty-six years after Enid Blyton's original Famous Five first discovered their mystery-solving talents, in Five on a Treasure Island, their offspring are taking up the mantle.

The Disney Channel is screening an animated series featuring Jyoti (tomboy George's daughter), Max (son of former gang leader Julian), Dylan (whose dad is Dick), Allie (teary Anne's daughter).

While the dog has the same name - Timmy of course - the mysteries have a modern twist, such as DVD bootlegging.

And gone is the old trusty tool of the trade, the torch, replaced by the mobile phone (Allie calls it a cell because she's Californian).

And Dylan does not seem to have inherited his father's boundless energy. He uses his laptop to check his Japanese stocks and shares.

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