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16:12 UK time, Wednesday, 27 February 2008

My Mother comes from Lincolnshire. (Who invented "north east Lincolnshire" by the way?) The epicentre of the earthquake was in Lincolnshire. So why are the vast majority of photos of the damage from Yorkshire? Couldn't any of the BBC photographers be bothered to drive those few extra miles into a largely forgotten county?
J Paul Murdock, West Midlands, UK

I certainly felt the earth move last night. How was it for you?
Simon Lytton, Coventry

Re: 'No charges after robber's death'. It says: "The CPS understands that anxiety may sometimes be felt by innocent members of the public if they are obliged to defend themselves from attack." May? Sometimes? Now, either I'm particularly cowardly, or the assistant district crown prosecutor for south west Lancashire, John Dilworth, is over-estimating the bravery levels of your average member of the public.
Sue, London

Re: Protesters at Parliament. So "The protesters, who have been throwing paper planes off the roof, have been joined by police." Any idea who won the prize for throwing the farthest?
Lester Mak, London, UK

In reference to Helen, Leicester regarding Mothers Day (Tuesday's letters). My parents died when I was small and my aunt cared for me as a mother, therefore I am appreciative that on Mothers Day I have the opportunity to thank her for being my "mother". That said, I do detect a degree of money making!
Clare, London

Regarding quote of the day (and the article it came from) - these would be the cars that were around 150 million years ago ?
Paul Greggor, London, UK

To Helen of Leicester about Mother's Day cards for other female releatives (Tuesday's letters). When looking for a Valentine's card I saw one which said: "To My Son on Valentines' Day.".I thought that sort of relationship was illegal.
Mark, Guildford, UK

To Basil Long (Tuesday's letters), because it is equidistant between the two?
Gemma, London

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