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17:46 UK time, Thursday, 14 February 2008

To Rick from Stockport (Wednesday's letters). I had some spam that said: 'Get "Uniform Central Limit Theorems (Cambridge Studies in Advanced Mathematics)" by RM Dudley for £24.70', but I guess that says more about me than about you.
Jo, London

Is Rick from Stockport confusing sex with love?
Craig, Edinburgh, Scotland

Where is the evidence in this story that Mavis Ward is lonely? The words she uses to describe her home are 'peaceful' and 'quiet' which suggests that she enjoys the solitude, and I for one envy her.
Ken, Chelmsford

Nice to see the beeb posting holiday photos. I went to Bracknell the other week, want to see my pictures?
Stuart, Croydon

Re: Meat eating dinosaurs? Back in my day we called them carnivorous dinosaurs. Has the word suddenly dropped out of common usage without me noticing?
R Stafford, Manchester

In this story, Andrew Cooper, producer of Badgers - Secrets of the Sett, said: "Before we began filming, I knew that there was a gap in our knowledge about badgers." A good example of 'known unknowns', I feel.
Luke L, London, UK

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