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16:13 UK time, Wednesday, 6 February 2008

Re Under-18s may face new drink ban and Drive to curb teen pregnancy rate - two birds with one stone?
Teegee, Belfast

Who uses phone boxes? Surely the obvious answer has to be those of us that are so badly organised that the batteries on our mobile phones need charging.
Rob Falconer, Llandough, Wales

Re 'I made £20k in three minutes': The delightfully candid woman who recently sold a Banksy and admits that, at the auction sale, "I had sweaty armpits which isn't good in a Primark synthetic top" has set a standard of honesty that our politicians could do with imitating.
Mark, Reading

Re today's random stat: "According to a survey, 43% of mothers requesting a Caesarean birth had a "clinically significant" fear of a natural delivery." In other news, 43% of women said they are afraid of natural delivery. The other 57% stuck their fingers in their ears and said "la la la I'm not listening".
Lucy Jones, Manchester

My mother bought and used, whilst serving as a nurse during the Blitz, an electric bar fire which she later passed to her sister, a Land Army worker, in 1950/1. My aunt still has the fire and it works a treat.
Roberta Kirque, Fuengirola, Malaga, Spain

Re the dmq on regional music preferences. You give us a choice of Leeds, Bath and Glasgow and then in the answer you tell us what they listen to in London, Doncaster and Bristol. But what about Bath and Glasgow? Restless minds demand to know.
Dec, Belfast

If 27% of people make pancakes on Shrove Tuesday, how many people eat them? In our house I am one of the 27% but I make them for five.
Mike, Bolton

There's a link back to the Magazine just above the "send us a letter" section in the Monitor. But it stopped working a while ago and it's still broken. Please fix it.
John Marsh, Fairfax, Virginia, US

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